As illegal drone use becomes more prevalent, there is a growing demand for counter drone technology to detect and defeat hostile or weaponized small unmanned aerial systems. Optical systems play a crucial role in counter UAS, given their ability to facilitate positive identification – the ability to provide evidence that the drone in question is a threat. An effective optical system should clearly display the characteristics of the drone, allowing the operator to appropriately classify the target. This information is crucial in determining how the operator responds to the sUAS.

The CM202U imaging system is a powerful ground-based optical drone detection and identification system that is protecting combat missions and critical infrastructure around the world from drone strikes. The optic includes a high definition daylight sensor with 60x optical zoom for reliable drone identification from up to 3km. With crisp mid-wave infrared imagery, the operator can also identify a small drone at night from up to 2km.

When integrated into the X-MADIS, the CM202U provides rapid slew-to-cue. This process speeds up the identification process and doubles the operator’s decision time when responding to the threat.  

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