Customer Support


Customer Support


Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers

At AVT, we pride ourselves on providing world-class tailored support services for our customers. Our systems are being used every day to protect VIPs, troops and civilians from threats; and for surveillance and intelligence gathering, which is why we ensure support is always available when it is needed. AVT has a dedicated and highly trained support team to ensure our customers’ operations run smoothly.


Pre-Sales Support


Purchasing Assistance

System Loan Services

Agile Development

Additional Hardware

Custom Software Solutions

Post-Sales Support


Integration Support


System Upgrades


Spare Parts



Rapid Response to Support Enquiries


Quick Repair and Return


High-quality support packages tailored to our customers. Each customer is assigned a dedicated support point of contact.

Extended Warranty

Even the most rugged systems can be damaged in the battlefield. Plan ahead for any replacements or repairs with a cost-effective extended warranty package.


We offer comprehensive training packages that are tailored to our customers to help the team get the very most out of each mission.


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