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Ascent Vision Technologies designs and engineers custom software solutions to meet unique customer demands. Our in-house software engineering expertise includes embedded software, user interface software, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Contact us for more information on our software development capabilities.


Command and Control

VEXOS is an intuitive user interface that provides the vital link between the imaging system and the operator. A full range of features maximizes the operators’ capabilities in the field. Customization of all the necessary configurations and display settings provides easy operation.

CUAS Suite

Counter UAS and Air Defense

CUAS Suite is a powerful tool that provides complete management, command and control of the full counter UAS solution. A single operator can effectively manage the entire kill chain with the control of all components (radar for detection, optics for positive identification, and a jammer for defeat). Advanced video analytics optimizes detection, identification, tracking, classification and defeat of a hostile sUAS and UAS swarm. CUAS Suite reduces operator fatigue and workload while improving the efficiency of the counter UAS mission.

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