Multi Mission Maritime Solutions


Protect your naval assets at sea from hostile aircraft, unmanned systems and enemy vessels


Gyro-Stabilized Maritime Systems


Multi-Spectral Gyro-Stabilized Imaging System

26.5lb / 12kg

HD EO with 60x Optical Zoom

HD MWIR with 20x Optical Zoom

Maritime Counter UAS

Combat Hostile Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) at Sea With Revolutionary C-sUAS Technology.

AVT has over 3 years of experience in developing, testing and fielding technology solutions for maritime counter UAS missions. 

We offer gyro-stabilized imaging systems and fully integrated solutions to combat sUAS threats. 

The X-MADIS, eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System is currently supporting several maritime counter UAS missions. Contact us for more information on the system.

Positive Identification of sUAS

The Optic Component of C-sUAS Systems

To effectively respond to a hostile sUAS, it is essential that the operator is informed with accurate and reliable information on the sUAS in question. An imaging system is an essential component of a CUAS mission, facilitating positive identification, without which the operator is only informed that an aerial object is present. 

Maritime Missions

Multi sensor imaging systems optimized for the unique maritime environment.

The maritime landscape is unpredictable. Sea fog, rough water conditions, smoke, and rapid weather changes are just a few of the challenges a maritime operation encounters on a daily basis. Ascent Vision engineers high-performance imaging systems optimized to perform in these challenging maritime conditions. We provide reliable optic solutions for manned and unmanned surface vehicles.


Fixed Mounts



Patrol Craft

Intuitive Command and Control


OPS-Warden offers the easiest command and control of an AVT imaging system. It allows all aspects of the payload to be controlled and configured, providing a vital link between the system and the operator. Optimized for the operator, the interface provides rapid connection to a payload for rapid deployment and operation. With a clear design, the operator can more effectively access the essential controls to complete their mission.

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