Counter sUAS

A Mature, Field-Proven Fully Integrated System to Combat Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

X-MADIS Fixed Site

X-MADIS FS is an effective solution for fixed-site CUAS missions. The system includes radar, optics and a jammer for protection against sUAS threats. The anti drone system is mounted on tripods or fixed to permanent installations.

X-MADIS Mobile

X-MADIS Mobile offers a rugged and transportable solution for CUAS security. Ideal for missions that move from one facility to the next, the system includes radar, optics and a jammer, and is installed on a vehicle.

X-MADIS On the Move

The X-MADIS OTM provides an effective air defense and counter UAS solution for missions on-the-move. The complete system includes radar, optics, jammer and an all-terrain vehicle, which performs at speeds of 40mph on rough terrain.

Key Features

  • Detects, locates, tracks, identifies and defeats sUAS
  • Combats an individual sUAS or drone swarm
  • Provides a complete “soft-kill” solution against nano, micro and mini-size UAS
  • Ruggedized to perform in high heat and humid conditions
  • Ideal for operations in urban, rural and littoral environments
  • A trusted solution chosen to protect VIPs, critical infrastructure and combat missions around the world
  • Provides multi-layered reliability
  • An intuitive, adaptable and customizable user interface
  • All components are optimized for size, weight and power
  • Simple deployment and operation

CUAS Suite

CUAS Suite is AVT’s intuitive counter UAS user-interface that provides complete command and control of the entire kill chain.

Key Features

  • Complete command and control of all the components to streamline the kill chain
  • A single operator can effectively operate CUAS Suite software
  • Reduces operator fatigue and error
  • Clear detection of sUAS in boxes
  • Simple switch between views
  • Displays daylight, MWIR and a map on a single screen
  • Touch screen compatible

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