Integrated Systems

for CUAS

Fully-Integrated Systems for Air Defense and Counter UAS

Revolutionary counter drone technology for fixed, mobile and on-the-move applications.


eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System


The X-MADIS is a fully integrated anti drone system that detects, locates, tracks, identifies and defeats sUAS. With an integrated all-threat tactical air surveillance radar, gyro-stabilized optical sensor (EO and MWIR imagery), C2 interface and Electronic Warfare System, the X-MADIS provides a complete “soft-kill” solution to combat the growing threat of hostile sUAS, and near-peer air threats. The X-MADIS offers unmatched force protection on-the-move and in fixed locations. Dozens of X-MADIS CUAS systems are deployed and operated around the world, trusted to protect VIPs, civilians, combat forces and critical infrastructure. Contact us to find out more about our counter drone solutions.




X-MADIS FS is an effective solution for fixed-site CUAS missions. The system includes radar, optics and a jammer for protection against sUAS threats. The anti drone system is mounted on tripods or fixed to permanent installations.

Fixed Site CUAS Missions

VIP Protection  |  Critical Infrastructure  |  Public Events |  Airports

X-MADIS Mobile


X-MADIS Mobile offers a rugged and transportable solution for CUAS security. Ideal for missions that move from one facility to the next, the system includes radar, optics and a jammer, and is installed on a vehicle.

Mobile CUAS Missions

FOB Surveillance  | Convoy Escorts

X-MADIS On-The-Move


The X-MADIS OTM provides an effective air defense and counter UAS solution for missions on-the-move. The complete system includes radar, optics, jammer and an all-terrain vehicle, which performs at speeds of 40mph on rough terrain. 

On-The-Move CUAS Missions

VIP Protection  |  FOB Early Warning and Detection  |  Force Protection

CUAS Suite


CUAS Suite is AVT’s intuitive counter UAS user-interface that provides complete command and control of the entire kill chain.

Key Features

  • Complete command and control of all the components to streamline the kill chain
  • A single operator can effectively operate CUAS Suite software
  • Reduces operator fatigue and error 
  • Clear detection of sUAS in boxes
  • Simple switch between views
  • Displays daylight, MWIR and a map on a single screen
  • Touch screen compatible 


All-Threat Air Surveillance Radar 

The X-MADIS incorporates all-threat tactical air surveillance radar systems that effectively detects aerial vehicles (including UAS of all groups), missiles, rockets and mortars.

  • Detection, classification, object tracking and early warning of airborne threat
  • Performs effectively on fixed site installations and on-the-move tactical land vehicles
  • Four radar faces provide hemispheric coverage




Multi Sensor Imaging System

The integrated CM202U ground-based optic delivers high-definition daylight and crisp mid-wave infrared imagery to maximize identification sUAS threats.

  • Man-portable and robust to endure harsh conditions
  • Performs effectively in extreme weather conditions and on rough terrain
  • Optimized with Counter UAS Operator Assist software 
  • Provides live, real-time cues of moving and specific static anomalies
  • Automated object detection of multiple objects on the ground and in the sky



Effective Drone Defeat

The Electronic Warfare System offers a portable and tactical solution to combat drones. 

  • Effectively defeats a single drone or drone swarm
  • Operate with omnidirectional as standard or directional if required 
  • Fixed site, mobile and on-the-move performance 


Key Features


  • Detects, locates, tracks, identifies and defeats sUAS
  • Combats an individual sUAS or drone swarm
  • Provides a complete “soft-kill” solution against nano, micro and mini-size UAS
  • Ruggedized to perform in high heat and humid conditions
  • Ideal for operations in urban, rural and littoral environments
  • A trusted solution chosen to protect VIPs, critical infrastructure and combat missions around the world
  • Provides multi-layered reliability
  • An intuitive, adaptable and customizable user interface
  • All components are optimized for size, weight and power
  • Simple deployment and operation

X-MADIS in the News

AVT Announces 4-Sensor Optic for Maritime Counter UAS

AVT Announces 4-Sensor Optic for Maritime Counter UAS

February 7, 2020, Bozeman, Montana, USA…. Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) has launched its next-generation multi-mission imaging system for maritime counter UAS (CUAS) and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Combining full HD, 4 sensor...

Ascent Vision Leads the Way with Counter UAS Solutions

Ascent Vision Leads the Way with Counter UAS Solutions

Bozeman, MT, October 14, 2019 Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) continues its steady growth in the counter UAS (CUAS) market, following several large contracts for anti-drone technology. Over the past 12 months, AVT has received over $40 million in...

AVT Products Down Iranian Drone

AVT Products Down Iranian Drone

Bozeman, Montana On July 17th, a variant of the Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS) family of counter drone systems, the LMADIS, in use by the USMC, downed an Iranian drone in the Persian Gulf, which flew within 1,000 yards of a US Navy Vessel. The LMADIS is...

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