Despite drone regulations and airspace restrictions, the number of drone sightings at airports has grown profoundly over the last few years. For the second time in a week, an unauthorized drone was sighted near Singapore’s major airport, Changi Airport, which resulted in significant disruptions. Gatwick Airport has also been a frequent target to hostile sUAS. The drone disruption at Gatwick Airport in December 2018 cost the airport £1.4m.

Although the intention is not always malicious, operating a drone in close proximity to an airport is illegal. A hostile sUAS poses a risk to damaging aircraft and injuring the passengers onboard. Drones are increasingly being used by state-sponsored adversaries and terrorists with malicious intent. Last week, Saudi Arabia’s Abha International Airport was attacked by weaponized drones used by Houthi rebels, killing one civilian and injuring several others. 

The need for anti drone technology to protect critical infrastructure and civilians against hostile sUAS has never been more prevalent. To effectively combat the rise of drone threats, a fully integrated counter UAS solution is required to detect, identify and defeat sUAS threats. Anti drone solutions must include a multitude of technologies that are seamlessly integrated with existing command and control (C2) systems to provide a smooth and streamline kill chain. 

The X-MADIS FS is a fully integrated CUAS solution that provides the most accurate detection, location, tracking, identification and mitigation of one or multiple sUAS threats. Due to the difficulty in mitigating sUAS at airports, AVT offers a variety of CUAS defeat mechanisms that can be integrated into the X-MADIS system to reduce disruption.

The X-MADIS is a powerful tool for critical infrastructure CUAS Security, here’s why:

  • Utilizes the best components on the market to provide an effective and reliable anti drone kill chain
  • 5km detection with hemispheric coverage
  • 3km positive identification
  • 2km drone mitigation
  • Intuitive user-friendly command and control system that streamlines the kill chain


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