On 16 May 2019, an unidentified drone was spotted flying near the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, forcing the department to go into a security lockdown. After it was confirmed that the drone did not present a threat, the embassy was able to return to its normal operating structure.

The sUAS presented several risks to the embassy, from intelligence gathering to terrorism. In such a case, it is critical that the hostile drone is rapidly detected and identified to ensure the appropriate measurements can be taken against the sUAS.

As tension rises between the US and Iran, the need for counter drone technology to protect international assets, particularly in the Middle East, becomes increasingly important. The X-MADIS FS is a fully integrated counter drone system that detects, identifies and defeats drone threats. The complete system is mounted on a tripod to provide reliable 5km hemispherical counter drone coverage around a facility. With reliable sUAS identification from up to 3km, the security department has more time to respond to a drone threat. If the sUAS is identified as a threat, the integrated electronic warfare system can be used to force the drone to land or return home.

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More information on the lockdown can be found here.

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