Counter sUAS

For over three years, Ascent Vision Technologies has been developing, testing, fielding and redefining hardware and software solutions to combat hostile small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

Combat & FOB Protection

Naval Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Public Event & Venue Security

VIP Protection

Securing Transport Networks



The X-MADIS a proven, portable and powerful solution that is actively in operation around the world, protecting combat forces, VIPs and critical infrastructure. The latest variant of the X-MADIS is optimized to combat the modern sUAS threat.

CUAS Operator Assist

Counter UAS Operator Assist (CUAS-OA) is an intuitive user-interface that facilitates simple command and control of the entire counter UAS kill chain – detection, locating, tracking, classification, positive identification and neutralization of sUAS. CUAS-OA provides operators with live, real-time cues of aerial objects. The optic automatically slews to cue to facilitate rapid positive identification of the object. This reduces decision time when identifying UAS, helping operators make informed decisions while reducing operator error. 

Multi Mission CUAS and ISR Optics

AVT’s counter UAS optics are enhanced with Operator Assist software. Static Target Detection Algorithm and Moving Target Detector Algorithm provides autonomous and accurate detection of people, vehicles, sUAS, UAVs, and general motion.


The CM202U is a field-proven gyro-stabilized, multi sensor imaging system for ISR and counter UAS operations. The compact system combines HD EO and MWIR in a compact, portable system. 


Combining full HD, 4 sensor configurations and a next generation video processor in a compact, man portable system, the CM262 is a next generation multi-mission optic, ideal for ground-based ISR and CUAS operations.  An IP68 rating ensures reliability in performance in extreme weather conditions.


Optimized for maritime counter UAS operations, the CM262M provides reliable detection and identification of sUAS in humid maritime environments. An IP68 rating ensures reliability in performance in harsh conditions experienced at sea. The system combines 4 sensor configurations, a next-generation video processor and a range of smart features in a 16kg man-portable system.