CM234 | ISR & Target Acquisition

Advanced Imaging Solutions for the Modern Battlefield
For UAS and Lightweight Aircraft

7 Sensors
4-Axis Stabilization

The CM234 marks the next generation of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Incorporating seven high-performance sensor configurations, 4-axis stabilization and artificial intelligence enhancements, the CM234 is a revolutionary imaging system that delivers more capabilities to combat forces. The man-portable system weighs <14.4lb / 6.5kg, designed for integration in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Airborne Imaging System



Size: 231mm / 9in (D) 

Weight: 14.4lb / 6.5kg

Power: 180W Peak


IP Rating: IP67

(Dust Tight & Water Resistant)


EO: 12Mp






Tactical ISR & Target Acquisition

Law Enforcement & Security

 Up to 7 Sensors

4-Axis Stabilization



Electro-Optical Wide and Narrow (12 MegaPixel)

Laser Range Finder

Laser Target Designator

Laser Pointer

14.4lb / 6.5kg

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Standard Features

Intelligent Object Tracking

Gather accurate information on a target moving at high speeds, while the platform is in motion with object tracking. This feature keeps the target in the centre of the frame until an alternative command is given, providing a consistent, solid and reliable object track.

Onboard Video Encoding

All video is encoded onboard to minimize additional supporting hardware, reducing payload weight and allowing for longer flight times. Minimal hardware facilitates easier integration into UAS, aerostats and aircraft.


Enter geographic coordinates or point to a position on the map to maintain a consistent view of a location while the platform maneuvers. Gather geo-positioning data on a target for effective target acquisition.

Onboard Video Processing

Real-time video enhancements are fully integrated inside every system to help the operator achieve more from each mission.

Real-Time Video Stabilization

For a smoother video experience, real-time video stabilization corrects any jumpy and jittery movements. Real-time roll adjustments can also be automated to provide a steadier and clearer image.


Real-time navigation information is clearly displayed on the user interface (as optional overlays). This includes accurate acceleration, orientation, position and velocity data.


Command and Control

VEXOS is AVT’s proprietary user interface that provides a vital link between the sensor and the operator. The intuitive interface is easy to use and requires little training. Designed for the operator, VEXOS allows operators to customize the interface to suit their mission.


Tethered UAS




Lightweight Aircraft

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