AVT Australia 

Australian Designed and Manufactured Systems

For Air, Ground and Maritime Domains

About AVT Australia

AVT Australia specialises in the design and development of gyro-stabilised imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), target acquisition and counter UAS operations. 

AVT Australia has a substantial R&D pipeline to facilitate rapid development to ensure its technology provides innovative capabilities to its customers in Australia and APAC.

Founded in 2009, AVT Australia has become a leading developer of surveillance systems, providing solutions for airborne, ground and maritime domains.



Our Commitment to the ADF

AVT Australia is committed to serving the Australian Defence Force (ADF) through the development and delivery of world-leading surveillance systems tailored to the ADF’s requirements. AVT Australia focusses on enhancing the war fighter by providing comprehensive, full-spectrum gimbal innovation services. Through its holistic business model, AVT Australia encourages early engagement throughout the entire R&D process to ensure technology is fit-for-purpose and futureproofed for the modern battlefield. AVT Australia enhances the ADF’s Sovereign Industry Capability by strengthening its local supply chain, whilst delivering mission critical capabilities for ISR and target acquisition.

Engineering Services

With over a decade of experience in developing high-performance surveillance systems, AVT Australia has become a leader in the fields of ISR and counter UAS. AVT Australia focuses on delivering the highest performance in gimbal technology for the lowest size, weight and power, whilst supporting a local supply chain. With in-house system, mechanical, electrical, embedded software & user interface software engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise, AVT Australia delivers cutting-edge custom solutions as well as a range of field proven systems.

Airborne Intelligence  

Since 2009, AVT Australia has had its roots in developing lightweight, gyro-stabilised and multi sensor imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Our airborne platforms are in operation in over 50 countries, supporting aerial surveillance, aerial wildfire management, emergency response and search and rescue operations.    


AVT Australia has secured several contracts with the Australian government to develop the next generation of technology for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, target acquisition and force protection.


AVT Australia Welcomes Dale Heinken as President

AVT Australia Welcomes Dale Heinken as President

AVT Australia, specialists in lightweight, gyro-stabilised imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), has appointed Dale Heinken as President. Heinken joined the team this week in AVT Australia’s Headquarters in Melbourne. Heinken...

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