AVT Australia


Australian Designed and Manufactured Systems



For Air, Ground and Maritime Domains

AVT Australia is the APAC hub for Ascent Vision Technologies, which manages regional sales, support, R&D and in-house system development for customers.

AVT Australia maintains three office locations across the continent and is able to fully develop and manufacture various systems in support of the APAC market.



AVT Australia manages critical R&D efforts for AVT’s high-performance, multi sensor imaging systems. We have advanced engineering capabilities in mechanical, electronics, embedded software, user interface software, control systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Sales and Support

AVT Australia manages direct support to the Australian Defence Force client base which is a strategic partner for Ascent Vision Technologies. We also have an Australia-based sales team to manage all Asia-Pacific enquiries. Our dedicated regional support team provides hands-on technical assistance, training and system integration support.


Product Development

AVT Australia designs and manufactures ITAR free gyro-stabilised imaging systems in our Australia-based manufacturing facility to ensure the systems are easy to export to customers, whilst meeting AVT’s Quality Management Standards.