Low SWaP-C Airborne Sensors


0.55lb / 250g

50x EO Zoom

8x LWIR Zoom


 2.8lb / 1270g

30x EO Zoom

3x LWIR Optical Zoom


7.7lb / 3500g

30x EO Zoom

13x MWIR Optical Zoom

Laser Range Finder


11lb / 5000g

12Mp EO


Laser Range Finder, Laser Target Designator

4-Axis Stabilization



AVT specializes in gyro-stabilized camera payloads for multi rotor, rotary wing and fixed wing UAS; VTOLs; aerostats and lighter than air platforms; fixed-wing aircraft; and helicopters. We focus on delivering the highest quality imagery for the lowest size, weight, power and cost. With vast in-house engineering capabilities, we offer superior video enhancements to ensure our customers gather accurate data needed to successfully complete each mission.

High-performance, multi-sensor systems for:

• Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
• Long-endurance surveillance
• Tactical surveillance
• Combat search and rescue
• Targeting


Tethered UAS


Fixed Wing UAS



Fixed Wing Aircraft

Fire Mapping & Management


Since 2014, AVT’s airborne imaging systems have played a critical role in fire management operations in the U.S. Our high-performance multi sensor systems are integrated into UAS to deliver accurate aerial imagery and GPS data in real-time for effective wildfire management. Crisp thermal imagery is essential for hotspot identification and for providing intelligence in low light conditions. With AVT’s reliable geo-referencing technology, the aerial data can be quickly communicated to the fire department to facilitate informed and rapid response to complex wildfires. 


Intuitive Command and Control


OPS-Warden offers the easiest command and control of an AVT imaging system. It allows all aspects of the payload to be controlled and configured, providing a vital link between the system and the operator. Optimized for the operator, the interface provides rapid connection to a payload for rapid deployment and operation. With a clear design, the operator can more effectively access the essential controls to complete their mission.

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