eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System 

Fixed Site | Mobile | On-The-Move

The proven and powerful counter drone system selected to protect VIPs around the world.

Pioneering Land Imaging Systems


Effective Counter UAS & Air Defense

● 12.1lb / 5500g

● EO and MWIR

● CUAS Operator Assist Software


Ground Surveillance System

● 12.1lb / 5500g

● EO and MWIR

● On-The-Move Performance

Battlespace Operations

Land Missions

The modern battlespace is a dynamic environment; an increasing number of emerging threats pose a significant challenge to troops in the battlefield.

Ascent Vision is focused on providing revolutionary technology to combat these threats to enhance force protection. Our combination of optimized hardware components and cutting-edge software make for one-of-a-kind solutions. Our battlespace technology solutions focus on surface-based imaging systems as well as integrated partner capabilities with fixed position or mobile deployment options.

Ascent Vision also includes its foray into automated vehicle technology as a component of its battlespace range. Developed for civilian and commercial applications, our automated vehicle technology is effectively employed to assist ground-based missions.

Suitable Platforms

Fixed Mounts

Off-Road Vehicles



Unmanned Vehicles