Mobile Air Defense
Integrated System



X-MADIS - Mobile Air Defense Integrated System


Field proven, deployed, on-the-move Counter UAV system.


Combined with our CM202U gimbal system, the X-MADIS is Ascent Vision's latest advancement in on-the-move counter-UAS.  The mounted unit is capable of long range UAV Detection, Identification and Defeat while moving at speeds up to 30mph on rough terrain. This system was designed to operate in the most demanding environments, including harsh downrange conditions and various homeland security applications.  With dozens of these systems in operation worldwide, you will not find a more capable and proven Counter-UAS system anywhere in the world.


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  • Advanced small target air defense radar detection
  • Cutting edge long range optical identification and tracking
  • Combat proven RF jamming system
  • Intuitive and adaptable software interface
  • Exceeds operationally relevant detection and defeat ranges

Gimbal Integration: CM202U


The CM202U is a gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor gimbal. It is specifically designed for counter-UAS operations and has simple plug-and-play hook up.  The sensor package includes object tracking capability, low power consumption, and direct drive motors for accurate positioning.  The entire system is man-portable and robust, and includes a both a Static Target Detection Algorithm and a Moving Target Detector Algorithm to detect people, vehicles, sUAS, UAVs, and general motion.


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