Mission Map: Airborne Mission Management for Every Operator


Features: Suited to rotary, fixed wing and unmanned aircraft, MISSIONMAP is designed for Tactical Flight Officers (TFOs), Mission Coordinators, and UAV Operators performing Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting, Utilities Inspection, and Government/Military operations.


With MISSIONMAP, users can search for the location of :


  • Addresses
  • Points of interest*
  • UTM grid references
  • Latitude & longitude
  • Street directory grid reference*


* If the data is available for your geographical area.

Gimbal Control Panel (GCP): Complete Gimbal Control, out of the Box


Features: The Gimbal Control Panel is the essential user interface for controlling all Ascent Vision gimbals. From initial connection to configuring sensors, the GCP is the vital link between gimbal and operator.


Gimbal Control Panel Features:


  • Gimbal Control
  • EO Sensor Configuration
  • IR Sensor Configuration
  • Object Tracking Configuration
  • GEO-Lock Configuration
  • Video Display
  • Recording Configuration

Aerial Information Software: One Application, Multiple Missions


Features: Our Aerial Information Software is a complete software solution. The Aerial Information System (AIS) has been developed with operator workflow in mind. All the information that the operator requires to relay vital mission information is at hand to be disseminated when it is needed most. Simple one time configuration ensures more time is spent on target, and not setting up.


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