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For missions that are conducted over short distances and require to loiter for long periods of time, there is nothing that compares to a Rotary Wing UAV. Multi-rotor UAVs have provided the surveillance and mapping industry a massive advantage. From search and rescue solutions to monitoring activity, the UAV Package contains all the hardware and software you need to successfully and confidently support your teams across any region.


The ability to provide long enduring aerial support in a specific area provides a unique capability that cannot be matched by other types of aircraft.


When paired with an ISR payload, a Rotary Wing UAV with surveillance capabilities is a highly sought after asset, especially for missions that require accurate Air to Ground direction and information.


How will you take advantage of this unique capability?



Critical Infrastructure Surveillance Brochure


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The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC)* system is designed to provide long term persistent stare capabilities and enable reliable long distance communications. PARC uses CyPhy Works’ patented microfilament system to deliver extreme endurance, increased capabilities, and a smaller logistical footprint. PARC flies itself, so very little user training is required; and when operating the system the user can focus on the data that PARC produces, instead of the system itself.


The PARC system consists of a Ground Control Station (GCS) and a purpose built hexrotor VTOL air vehicle. The PARC vehicle carries a gyro-stabilized, gimbal mounted, EO/IR CM100 payload.


The PARC vehicle can operate at altitudes of up to 400 feet above ground level, or 10,000 feet density altitude. This high altitude capability enables long distance communications and extends visual reach. The microfilament system carries power and Ethernet communication between the GCS and PARC vehicle. Because the microfilament provides a direct connection, communications are secure and reliable.




The PARC system provides high quality, full frame rate, unbroken, High Definition video that no other small or micro UAS can match. The PARC system can accept power input from a variety of ac and dc sources, making it viable for many applications. And because the PARC vehicle is powered from the ground, the flight duration is not limited by battery life. In the event of a power interruption or microfilament failure, the PARC vehicle has an on board backup battery that will allow the vehicle to safely and autonomously return to its launch site.


  • Payload Capacity: 6lbs of 0ft DA; 4lbs of 10kft DA
  • Max Operating Altitude (AGL): 400 ft / 122 m
  • Max Density Altitude: 10,000 ft
  • Wind Continuous/Gust: 25/35 knots
  • Payload Power: 35 watts
  • Data Rate: 10 Mbps

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