Protect your investment and your business with Ascent Vision's

Incident Protection Plan


Repair your unit at a fraction of the cost of a new unit:

20% cost of the Gimbal per year, paid monthly, plus a 50% co-pay for IR cameras and gyro motors.


Step 1:

Purchase your gimbal.


Step 2:

Subscribe to Ascent Vision's Incident Protection Plan and make the easy monthly payments.*


Step 3:

Fly your gimbal with the piece of mind that your business is protected.


Step 4:

In the event of a crash, call customer support and a replacement will arrive within 14 calendar days, or have your unit repaired at a discount.**


Step 5:

Have your business back up and running with minimal financial and scheduling disruptions.



  • Hand delivery by Ascent engineer to assist with integration and training.
  • Free production grade 3D model within 10 days of unit purchase for integration and testing.
  • 24/7 Call Center Support.***
  • Mounting mechanism design support.
  • Reduced replacement cost.
  • Rapid Incident Replacement Units.
  • Reduced acquisition cost for future units. (5% off next purchase)****



If your platform crashes, your 20% annual payments (paid monthly) cover the cost of all repairs except IR Camera and Gyro Motors (50% Copaid). At maximum, you are paying 30% the cost of the unit to have it repaired versus 100% of a “totaled” unit.




Without the IPP, if your unit crashes, all repairs will be on a time and materials basis, normally resulting in a totaled unit. Additionally, standard support is only provided during working hours and remote support is charged hourly.


*20% cost of gimbIe per year, paid monthly. Plus, a 50% co-pay for IR camera and gyro motors if those components are damaged.


**Incident replacement applies to the CM100 and CM160 systems only.  The CM202 IPP does not cover replacement as part of the standard IPP.  Standard CM202 IPP will cover a replacement of a CM160 in place for the CM202 during repairs. This is due to the significantly longer build times associated with the CM202 systems. Inquire with our sales representative about incident replacement for your CM202. For all units, incident replacement guarantees replacement of a similar model unit but not the identical client configuration as there are hundreds of potential combinations of features to replicate.


*** 24/7 call center provides real non-scheduled support from 0800-1900 Mountain Time on U.S. weekdays. All support outside those times is provided with a 2-hour call back unless the support appointment is scheduled ahead of time during normal working hours.


**** If you have purchased the IPP with your previous unit and purchase a subsequent unit, the IPP entitles you to 5% off your next gimbal system (one unit only per IPP).

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