Long range and endurance: Cover large areas with ease

Fixed Wing UAV: Long Range equals superior coverage


Ascent Gimbal-based cameras and sensors stand up to the range and endurance of fixed wing UAVs


If your team needs to cover a wide range for an extended period, nothing stand up to fixed wing UAS.  The sensors in Ascent Vision's gimbals can stand up to the rigor of extended flights. Search and rescue, wildlife management, and patrols are just a few of the missions our camera turrets accomplish every day.


How will you take advantage of this unique capability?


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Silent Falcon UAS


The Silent Falcon™ sUAS integrates Thin Film Photovoltaic panels, leading edge modular design, silent, slow spin, high efficiency electric propulsion and state of the art ground control and communications systems to create a logistically independent UAV platform that has extraordinarily long endurance and the electrical power to support the Ascent Vision CM100 payload, giving the system capabilities found only on larger, more complex and more expensive systems.


Silent Falcon™ sUAS Platform: The Silent Falcon™ platform is a rugged, reliable, stealthy, all composite modular airframe. The airframe has modular components and is extremely mission flexible. The system is extremely quiet with a very low thermal signature, which allows it to avoid detection. Using a patent pending process, thin film photovoltaic (TFPV) panels are integrated in the wings to generate electrical power during daylight hours.


The airframe is comprised of prepreg carbon fiber structure, producing an uncompromising ratio of weight to strength. Emphasis of the design is on weight, acoustic signature and aerodynamic efficiency. The airframe has an optimum cruise envelope from 45 to 60 kmh knots with a dash speed of ~90 kmh. The design of the airframe delivers the lowest stall speed practical of ~42 kmh.




  • Extraordinary flight endurance – 5+ hours on average depending on environmental conditions – up to 7 hours in ideal conditions
  • Long range – up to 100 kilometers
  • Thin film photo voltaic (TFPV) solar energy collection and lithium polymer battery for energy storage
  • Integrated Ground Control System
  • Silent and highly efficient propulsion system undetectable at less than 100 meters above ground level (AGL)
  • Lightweight, carbon fiber composite structure


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