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Counter UAS (CUAS) Gimbal Solutions to Protect your Team


Your team's protection is paramount.  Counter UAS Operator Assist (CUAS-OA) is the answer to keeping your team, and mission, safe from eyes in the sky.  Ascent Vision's CM202 gimbal sensor package gives you the effective targeting, optical detection range, and multiple target tracking required.


Our systems allow you to benefit from enhanced knowledge.  The automated detect software system provides operators with live, real-time cues of possible target objects, reducing decision time when identifying UAVs through rapid identification, and helping operators make informed decisions while reducing operator error. Our CUAS-OA software uses two different threat detection algorithms that work together to ensure that a higher detection probability is achieved.


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Gimbal Integration: CM202U


The CM202U is a gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor gimbal. It is specifically designed for counter-UAS operations and has simple plug-and-play hook up.  The sensor package includes object tracking capability, low power consumption, and direct drive motors for accurate positioning.  The entire system is man-portable and robust, and includes a both a Static Target Detection Algorithm and a Moving Target Detector Algorithm to detect people, vehicles, sUAS, UAVs, and general motion.


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