CM202U Gimbal


Protect your team


Counter UAS Operator Assist

The CM202U Counter UAS (CUAS) System

Advanced algorithms to detect and track objects of interest in the air and on the ground.



The CM202U is a gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor gimbal specifically designed for counter-UAS operations.  The entire system is man-portable and robust and includes: object tracking capability, low power consumption, direct drive motors for accurate positioning, Static Target Detection Algorithm, and Moving Target Detector Algorithm.



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  • Size: 8 inch diameter
  • Weight: ~12 lbs
  • EO Res: 1280x720
  • EO HFoV: 21° – 0.5° (30x Optical Zoom)
  • MWIR Res: 640x480
  • MWIR FoV: 20x Optical Zoom

MWIR Range


  • Human Detection
    • Detect Man: 7415m
    • Recognize Man: 2472m
    • Identify Man: 1390m
  • Small UAV Detection
    • Detect Small Multicopter: 2037m
    • Recognize Small Multicopter: 679m
    • Identify Small Multicopter: 382m

Video Analytics


The CUAS-OA software uses two different threat detection algorithms:

  • The Moving Target Detection
    • Operates above and below the horizon line. The Moving Target Detector algorithm can detect moving people, vehicles, and other general motion below the horizon.
    • Picks up on subtle movement, that an unassisted operator cannot detect.
  • Static Target Detection
    • Detects small point features which are consistent with an sUAS.
    • Continues to operate when the gimbal is in motion.

Other Features


  • HD Object Tracking - Automatically steers the gimbal to keep the nominated tracked object center of the frame
  • Low Power Consumption: Low average draw of 55W is 30% of comparable systems
  • Man Portable: 8 inches in diameter and 12 lbs, 10 lbs lighter than comparable systems
  • MissionMap – Situational awareness software suite
  • MotionDSP – In-flight image enhancement and post-flight image software processing.

Sensor Applications


Fixed Wing UAV


Rotary Wing UAV


Manned Aircraft


Static Mounted

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