Gas Hound


Industry standard for Comprehensive Integrity Management.

The CM202G "Gas Hound" is the first gimbal specifically designed for aerial gas leak detection and infrastructure integrity patrols.



The CM202G Gas Hound is a reliable, low cost and field-proven system for aerial gas leak detection and infrastructure integrity. Benefit from traceable and verifiable pipeline integrity data, rapid notification of anomalies, and precise geo-location of leaks, encroachments, environmental concerns, and right of way violations. High definition daylight footage is streamed simultaneously with Infra-Red leak detection data, which is all overlaid onto a GIS based mapping system, giving you prompt access to valuable information.


    • Niatros™ is designed for both fixed and mobile continuous monitoring applications to detect methane and other gas leaks in refineries, pipelines, storage facilities, and other installations.
  • Lower cost
  • Cutting-edge capabilities proven & documented with comprehensive field testing
  • Highly advanced imagery
  • Enhanced lens & electronics
  • Two-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal (pan & tilt capabilities)
  • The MWIR sensor is cooled to 80 K (-316 F) allowing the narrow band pass filter the ability to better eliminate other wavelengths that could interfere with the sensor images when inspecting a pipeline or station for gas leaks. The lens remains in focus throughout temperature changes.


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  • System: Two-axis gyro-stabilized (pan & tilt capability)
  • Position accuracy: 50 meter accuracy to latitude / longitude target
  • Elevation: + 130° / - 30°
  • Azimuth: 360° continuous
  • Sensor: Hitachi DI-SC120R
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Optical Zoom: 30x

Physical Dimensions


  • Weight:  3500g
  • Depth:  190mm
  • Height:  295mm
  • Temperature:  55°C


MWIR Sensor &

Detection Capability


  • Sensor: IR Cameras NIATROS optical gas imaging camera
  • Type:
    • Medium-wave infrared sensor
    • Linear stirling cryocooler
    • 20 micron InSb focal plane array
    • Resolution: 640 x 512
  • Measurement Distance: 900 feet AGL
  • Leak Flow Rate: 2,500 standard cubic feet per hour
  • Band/ Wavelength: Filtered for maximum sensitivity in the 3.2-3.5 micron hydrocarbon absorption band

Software Features


  • Real-time Video Stabilization - Electronically removes vibrations
  • HD Object Tracking - Automatically steers the gimbal to keep the nominated tracked object center of the frame
  • GEO-Lock Standard - Automatically locks the gimbal to lat/long coordinates and maintains the pointing through platform maneuvers. Includes software and INS hardware/ cabling. Includes GNNS Antenna
  • HD Streaming (1280x720 @15fps)
  • MissionMap – Situational awareness software suite
  • MotionDSP – In-flight image enhancement and post-flight image software processing.

Sensor Applications


Fixed Wing UAV


Rotary Wing UAV


Manned Aircraft

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